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The Best Goods: Jedidiah Spring 2010



Words: Rhea Cortado

Jedidiah clothing likes to wander off the beaten path for inspiration. So far off the  beaten path that the piddling beach break waves over there are often not that good. But finding things like a club of kids newly stoked on surfing in a town painted as vividly as an Indian wedding creates enough sparks to start a fire in these guys.

The brand recently ended up on the shores of Bangladesh through the nonprofit humanitarian organization, Surfing the Nations. During the trip, Jedidiah’s Kahana Kalama jammed by land and sea with the Bangladesh Surf Club, while Russell Brownley documented it all in the short film Gum For My Boat.

We talked to Russell back in October when Gum For My Boat premiered at the NY Surf Film Festival. Now the Jedidiah goods that were inspired by the Bangladesh Surf Club are hitting stores like Thalia Surf Shop and Icons of Surf.


All that was yummy, odd, awesome and beautiful in the town of Cox’s Bazar was distilled into rad T-shirt graphics by one of Drift’s favorite artists, Ty Williams. The saturated curry, turquoise and red hues spotted in local street signs, food, floor mat patterns and attire informed Jedidiah’s jeweltone color palette. It’s a welcome earthy break from all the 80’s neon that’s been flooding surf clothing for a while.

To top it off, 5 percent of sales, 5 percent of clothing and 5 percent of time will be donated to Surfing the Nations. In the past, the label’s Hope T-shirt series supported up to 10 organizations at a time. Today the brand focuses on one organization each season (Spring being Surfing the Nations) and generates more cash in one shot than they would have in an entire year from Hope T-shirt series.

Bangladesh Surf Club graphic penned by Ty Williams.

Bangladesh Surf Club graphic penned by Ty Williams


Kahana said the Bangladesh surfer kids teased him about tourists who always come and take photos but never send any back. Problem solved with Polaroid instant gratification film. Here are a few that survived for inspiration.